New statistics from the New York Police Department show a disturbing increase in hate crimes, even as the general crime rate in the city continues to decrease, the New York Post reports.

Reports Of Hate Crime Jump In New York

Reports of anti-Semitic crime, especially, are on the rise, increasing by 22% so far this year. Police have logged at least 159 cases of anti-Jewish crime through November 4, compared to 130 incidents over the same period in 2017. More than 300 hate crimes have been reported this year, with anti-Semitic incidents making up the majority.

Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem

Mayor Bill DeBlasio and NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill addressed the new numbers in a press conference at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. “Increased reports of swastikas concern us and other criminal mischief here in the five boroughs absolutely concern us,” O’Neill said. “None of it will ever be tolerated in New York City.”

Over the weekend, a group of teenagers were caught on video as they threw a pipe through the window of a synagogue. Then, the group accosted a young Hassidic boy and tore off his traditional hat. Police are investigating the incidents as hate crimes. The week prior, “Broad City” star Ilana Glazer canceled her event at Union Temple in Prospect Heights after anti-Semitic slurs were found on the building’s second and fifth floors. And less than a week earlier, vandals had scrawled a swastika on a Brooklyn Heights brownstone.

In Wake Of Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

The rise in anti-Semitic crime occurs against the backdrop of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, in which at least 11 worshippers were murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue. The shooter, who is reported to have screamed “All Jews must die!” before opening fire, wounded 6 others in his rampage before surrendering to the police.

Anti-black hate crimes also rose, from 30 incidents last year to 37 in 2018. Racially-motivated attacks on whites increased from 8 to 15. Hate crimes against Muslims, on the other hand, have dropped by half over the year, from 32 to 16.

Crime Overall Continues To Decline

Most other types of crime continue to fall, according to Crime Control Strategies Chief Lori Pollock. “We remain on pace for a new record low this year of fewer than 96,000 index crimes,” Pollock said at the crime statistics press conference, noting that crimes overall have dropped by 1.4% this year. Burglaries and robberies have hit the lowest level since New York began its CrimeStat system to track criminal activity.