Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Phoenix Woman Sues City Over Police Officer Sexual Assault

A woman from Phoenix, Arizona is set to file a $12.5 million lawsuit against the Phoenix Police Department over an alleged sexual assault. Erica Reynolds, 37, has accused a female police officer of assaulting her during a body cavity search. At a press conference held on June 24, 2019, Reynolds called the body search "illegal," [...]

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Former TV Reporter Accuses Kings Coach Luke Walton Of Sexual Assault

Former TV sports reporter Kelli Tenant has accused Luke Walton, current head coach of the NBA's Sacramento Kings, of sexual assault. In a new civil lawsuit, Tennant claims that Walton pinned her to a hotel room bed without her consent - and laughed at her when she told him to stop. This is the first [...]

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Iowa Hotel Settles Sexual Assault Negligence Lawsuit

A hotel in Iowa has agreed to settle the lawsuit of a New Jersey woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted in her seventh-floor hotel room. Attorneys for the plaintiff say the owners of the Embassy Suites hotel in Des Moines agreed to the deal shortly before she was scheduled to testify at trial [...]

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Former Nurse Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Oregon Dementia Care Facility

A former nurse at the Life Care Center of Coos Bay has filed suit against the Oregon dementia care facility, arguing that management failed to maintain a safe environment for residents and staff members, leading to sexual harassment and abuse. Oregon Nurse Says Life Care Center Fostered Environment Of Abuse The plaintiff, who is represented [...]

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1 In 5 Festival Goers Harassed Or Sexually Assaulted, UK Survey Shows

1 in 5 people are sexually assaulted or harassed at music festivals in England, according to a new survey conducted by the UK Press Association and YouGov. "Shocking" Levels Of Harassment, Assault At UK Festivals Britain has a long and storied history of festivals. From Glastonbury and Bestival to the Isle of Wight and Download, [...]

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USC Sued Over Gynecologist’s Alleged Sex Abuse

Four women, all named as Jane Doe in court documents, have filed suit against the University of Southern California, accusing the college of hiding for years the fact that a staff gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, has been sexually abusing students. Tyndall, who is also named as a defendant in the case, denies the claims, maintaining [...]

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Former Student Says St. Paul’s School Ignored Sexual Assault

A former student at New Hampshire's St. Paul's Prep School is suing her alma mater, claiming that the prestigious boarding academy turned a blind eye to a pervasive culture of sexual assault and harassment. Prep School Student's Lawsuit Describes Culture Of Abuse The lawsuit's plaintiff, named as Jane Doe in court documents, claims that she [...]

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Former Nursing Student Sues Marquette University Over Alleged Mishandling Of Rape

Milwaukee's Marquette University has been sued in federal court by a rape victim who accuses the college of mishandling her sexual assault case and attempting to discourage her from making a police report. The lawsuit, filed by a former nursing student at Marquette, also claims school officials failed to prevent the assault from happening, the [...]

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Christian Boarding School Accused Of Downplaying Student Sexual Abuse

Brentwood Academy, a well-regarded private boarding school in Tennessee, allowed one sixth grader to suffer horrifying levels of sexual abuse at the hands of four older students, according to a shocking new lawsuit filed in a state circuit court on August 4, 2017. Warning: This article contains graphic material that may be disturbing to some [...]

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OK School District Settles Lawsuit Over Teacher’s Sexual Relationship With Student

After two years of litigation, an Oklahoma school district has finally settled a lawsuit filed by the family of an eighth-grade student who was targeted for sexual activity by his English teacher. The teacher, a 31-year-old woman named Jennifer Caswell, has been imprisoned on sex crime changes since 2015, The Oklahoman reports. She was sentenced [...]

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