Were you or a loved one injured in a drunk driving accident in Arizona? Arizona's dram shop law may allow you to file suit against the bar or restaurant that served the alcohol consumed by the responsible party.

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Arizona bars, restaurants and liquor stores are bound to follow the state's liquor laws, which prohibit alcohol service to underage patrons and people who are already visibly intoxicated. While these seem like easy rules to follow, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are injured every day in drunk driving accidents and bar fights caused, at least partially, by illegal alcohol service.

Alcohol Liability Lawsuits In Arizona

In Arizona, injury victims and their loved ones can fight back. In the wake of a drunk driving crash or other serious alcohol-related accident, it's natural to think about suing the person who directly caused the accident.

Mixed Drink On Bar

But Arizona's strong dram shop laws may allow you to file another lawsuit against the licensed establishment that served the alcohol in the first place. If a licensed establishment, like a restaurant or bar, broke the liquor code in serving the person alcohol, the establishment can be held accountable for financial compensation.

The same is not true for social hosts. While some states extend dram shop liability to people who serve alcohol at private parties, Arizona law does not allow these sort of lawsuits. In Arizona, dram shop lawsuits are reserved for licensed liquor-serving establishments.

Arizona's Statute Of Limitations For Dram Shop Lawsuits

Like every other type of lawsuit, dram shop claims in Arizona are governed by a statute of limitations. This law acts like a time limit for filing a lawsuit. The statute of limitations must be respected; file your lawsuit after the statute has run out and your case will be dismissed out-of-hand. The statute of limitations for dram shop lawsuits in Arizona is two years, beginning on the date of injury.

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