Were you or a loved one shot or stabbed at a bank ATM? Your family may be eligible to pursue significant financial compensation.

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Banks must do their utmost to ensure that ATM customers are well protected.

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Were you or a loved one mugged, shot or stabbed at a bank ATM? You may have a case for compensation against the bank. Our dedicated crime attorneys are here to help.

Legal Help For Victims Of ATM Crime

We understand how difficult this time must be for you. If you were the victim of crime, you may be struggling to deal with painful feelings of anger, shock and loss of trust, to say nothing of the physical pain that you may have endured. If your loved one was injured, you may be fighting to provide them with adequate care during their time of need.

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Violent crime leaves lasting scars. Some victims will suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of their lives. The psychological pain caused by violent crime often lasts long after the physical wounds have healed. Crime can also take a financial toll. Medical bills can pile up quickly, even as you may be unable to work.

There may be a solution. While pursuing legal action will not change what happened to you, filing a lawsuit can bring you some degree of closure. Significant financial compensation may be available.

If you or a loved one were injured due to crime at a bank's ATM, our experienced victim advocates can help. In some cases, banks can be found liable for injuries sustained on bank property, including injuries caused by violent crime. If you or a loved one became the victim of crime while using an ATM, you may be entitled to a substantial sum of cash compensation.

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How Can Banks Protect Customers?

Automated teller machines have made it easy for all of us to make quick deposits and withdrawals with ease, but ATMs can also leave us vulnerable to crime. In some cases, due to the fact that they contain large amounts of cash, ATMs even become targets for violent crime, as criminals lie in wait to prey on unsuspecting bank customers.

Knowing that ATMs have become targets for violent crime, banks should do their utmost to protect customers during deposits and withdrawals. The potential for financially-motivated crimes to occur at an ATM means every bank should implement strong security precautions to protect customers.

Every ATM should be monitored continuously by a visible security camera system, both to capture video of potential crimes and to deter potential criminals from committing stabbings or shootings.

Bank Lobby ATMs

Many banks now feature ATMs in their lobbies. These lobbies should be adequately protected against violent crime. Each bank lobby should be surveilled by a visible security camera system. Banks should also consider an automated lock system that only allows cardholders to enter the ATM lobby.

For ATMs on the street, security cameras are a must. Visible security cameras have been proven to reduce the incidence of crime, as they have a deterrent effect because criminals understand that they will be captured on video.

Banks and ATMs in high-crime neighborhoods often require even stricter safety precautions. For the purposes of personal injury law, businesses in high-crime areas are expected to know that their customers may be particularly vulnerable to crime. Judges often hold businesses liable for failing to uphold strong safety measures in high-crime neighborhoods.

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