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Crime Victim Advocates: Helping Victims & Their Loved Ones Pursue Justice

Millions of victims are injured or killed due to violent crime every year. All too often, these victims and their families aren’t served by the criminal justice system. Despite recent progress, criminal prosecutors and courts are still focused more on punishing offenders than supporting victims.

There may be another option. Few victims understand their legal rights under the civil justice system, where private individuals are allowed to pursue financial compensation on their own behalf. Thousands of victims and families may be eligible to file a private civil lawsuit, seeking valuable compensation from both criminal offenders and negligent third-party property owners who allowed the crime to occur.


Our Experienced Crime Victim Lawyers

Every day, our experienced attorneys help crime victims and their families pursue justice, seeking to treat every case as our own.

Our crime litigation team is led by Brian Kent, Esq. A former prosecutor in the Sex Crimes Unit of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Brian brings a unique understanding of the criminal justice process into service for our clients. His experience and knowledge are invaluable to ensuring that each of our clients is provided with exceptional representation. Over 15 years of civil legal experience, Brian and our team have helped numerous victims secure financial compensation.

Brian is joined in his efforts by Jeff Laffey and Paul Bucci, co-founders of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, a plaintiffs’ law firm based in Philadelphia. Together, Brian, Jeff and Paul have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for injury victims and their families.


How Legal Action Can Support Victims & Their Loved Ones

Many crime victims will never be able to secure the justice promised by the criminal justice system. Thousands of criminal offenders go free every day. Prosecutors decline to press charges. Many crimes are never reported to the authorities. The civil justice system offers a solution for many of the victims who are failed, for whatever reason, by the criminal justice system.

Civil lawsuits take place in parallel to criminal justice proceedings, but through the civil justice system, victims and their loved ones can take full control over their legal cases. While criminal prosecutors have numerous considerations to take into account, our experienced attorneys answer to you and you alone. The focus is always on supporting your recovery, while building a strong foundation for your family’s future.


Filing A Civil Crime Lawsuit

In pursuing legal action, most victims and families have two options:

  • file suit against the criminal offender
  • file suit against a negligent third-party

For obvious reasons, pursuing a criminal offender in court can be difficult. Many people who commit violent crimes are never identified. Even with identification, and a criminal court’s conviction, a large proportion of criminal offenders just don’t have the financial resources to make good on a civil judgment.

State laws offer a different option. Instead of (or in addition to) filing suit against the offender, some victims may be able to pursue compensation from a property owner whose negligence allowed the crime to occur. Every property owner in the nation has a legal obligation to provide guests, customers and residents with a reasonable degree of security. Property owners who fail to do so can be held accountable for injuries that result from their carelessness.


Financial Damages: What You Can Recover In A Lawsuit

The range of damages available to successful plaintiffs is far broader than the forms of compensation offered through state-based victims compensation programs and court-ordered restitution awards.

Alongside direct monetary losses, including an array of medical expenses, victims who pursue a civil crime lawsuit may be eligible to secure compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental health counseling
  • Lost financial earnings, both past and future
  • In-home care
  • Home modifications

Family members of a crime victim may also be able to pursue a broad variety of financial damages. In the tragic case of a loved one’s homicide-related death, funeral, burial and cremation expenses may also be available, along with compensation for grief counseling and lost financial support. In a wrongful death lawsuit, loved ones can even secure damages for lost household support. While no amount of money can fill the hole that your loved one’s death has left behind, pursuing legal action can help some family members take control over an unbelievably terrible situation.


Property owners are bound by state law to offer their lawful guests with adequate security, in large part to prevent the occurrence of crime. Yet thousands of individuals continue to suffer severe injuries due to negligent security measures. Many of these property owners can be held liable for their negligence.


In many states, bars, restaurants and nightclubs can be held accountable for violating liquor laws. If a licensed establishment serves alcohol to an intoxicated patron, and that person goes on to cause a car accident, victims may be able to secure significant financial damages from the establishment.


In the wake of a loved one’s death, some surviving family members may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit, pursuing damages for their own financial losses. Homicide and manslaughter lawsuits can be filed both against criminal offenders and negligent third-party property owners who failed to prevent the crime.


Sexual assault is a deep personal violation, one that can leave victims with emotional trauma that lasts for decades or a lifetime. We believe that educational institutions, businesses and apartment owners should be held accountable for failing to protect the people who rely on their security every day. Civil action is possible.


Child sexual abuse is one of the most horrific criminal acts imaginable, but it can also open schools, daycare centers and religious organizations up to civil liability. Families and adult victims of childhood abuse who pursue legal action can force negligent institutions to account for their recklessness, while securing compensation.


Recent changes to the criminal justice system have afforded victims a far greater role in the process. In contrast to the past, crime victims today have a number of important legal rights during criminal justice proceedings, including the right to demand financial restitution for their injuries and lost wages.

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