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Settlements Of Crime Victim Negligent Security Cases

In an increasingly complex world, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals within public and private premises is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, incidents of crime occurring on these properties due to inadequate security measures remain all too common. This website aims to provide invaluable insights into the legal aspects of such cases, including notable settlements that have shaped the landscape of justice for crime victims. Whether you're a victim seeking information on your rights or an advocate for safer environments, join us as we explore the legal outcomes and implications surrounding negligent security and its impact on those affected.

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Negligent Security


Verdict Amount: $12 Million (Miami, Florida) - Negligent Security

In the case of GUEVARA MACHADO vs. THE WAVES OF HIALEAH, Inc., a verdict of $12 million was awarded in a Miami, Florida court due to a case of negligent security.

Yaimi Guevara Machado found herself locked out of her room at the Chesapeake Motel. She approached the front desk, requesting assistance in unlocking her room. The clerk instructed Ms. Guevara Machado to wait outside her room for the door to be opened.

Twenty minutes earlier, an intoxicated man had entered the motel lobby and made inappropriate requests for beer and the services of a prostitute. The front desk clerk proceeded to sell the man beer and directed him to seek the services he was looking for outside the motel. The man, inebriated, left the lobby and accosted a housekeeper, making unwanted advances by asking for a kiss. The housekeeper threatened to report the incident to the front desk, but the man abruptly left upon seeing Ms. Guevara Machado in the hallway.

Tragically, Ms. Guevara Machado's room door remained unopened, and the last time she was seen, she was walking towards the motel's front entrance area, where she was subjected to a brutal murder by the same man.


Record-Breaking $102.7 Million Verdict (Miami, Florida) - Negligence in Security Measures

In the legal case of BARRAK v. REPORT INVESTMENT CORPORATION, a historic verdict of $102.7 million was awarded in Miami, Florida. This groundbreaking verdict was the outcome of a lawsuit centered around negligence in security measures.

The plaintiff, Sami Barrak, had been a patron at Tootsie's Cabaret. On the fateful day in question, as Barrak and a friend were leaving the establishment, the friend had to go back inside to retrieve a forgotten item. While Barrak patiently waited in his car for his friend's return, an unidentified individual approached him and tragically shot him in the neck, resulting in Barrak becoming a quadriplegic dependent on a ventilator.

This $102 million verdict stands as a significant milestone in legal history, representing the largest jury verdict ever awarded in a case involving negligent security.

Liquor Liability

Case Title: DOE v. XYZ Establishment and Property Owner

In the case of DOE v. XYZ Establishment and Property Owner, a settlement of $4.85 million was reached in Marathon, Florida. This settlement was related to a situation involving negligent security and liquor liability.

The plaintiff sustained severe burns covering 68% of their body when they were set on fire while sleeping in their vehicle. The defendant in this legal matter failed to adhere to industry standards when dealing with an intoxicated individual on their premises. The defendant's negligence allowed the assailant to linger on the property for an extended period of time, ultimately leading to the plaintiff's injuries. These injuries were so devastating that the plaintiff lost the use of their hands, except for the ability to move them up and down. Just one week before the trial was scheduled to commence, the case was resolved through a settlement of $4.85 million.

Case Title: Marshall v. Gene's Lounge & Red Baron Lounge

Settlement of $1.3 Million Reached in Pensacola, Florida: Liquor/Bar Liability Case -

Mr. Marshall and Ms. Robinson were celebrating a birthday when they consumed alcohol for several hours at both the Red Baron Lounge and Gene's Lounge. Following a verbal altercation, both individuals were asked to leave and subsequently decided to drive away in Ms. Robinson's car. Notably, Gene's Lounge did not take any measures to arrange for a taxi or alternative transportation. Tragically, while driving, Ms. Robinson veered off the road and collided with a tree. This accident resulted in Mr. Marshall being partially ejected from the vehicle, leaving him with quadriplegia and necessitating the amputation of both his legs. Additionally, complications arising from corrective surgery left him completely blind.

Both Gene’s Lounge and Red Baron Lounge were aware of Ms. Robinson's struggles with alcoholism but knowingly continued to serve her alcohol without considering the potential consequences of their actions. Ultimately, the case was resolved for the full extent of the insurance policy limits.

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