Crime victims deserve answers and financial support as they recover from their trauma. If you or someone you loved has recently become the victim of a violent or sexual crime, you may be wondering:

  • What types of financial compensation are available?
  • Can third parties be sued for enabling crime?
  • What damages can I recover in a crime victim lawsuit?
  • Does my state have a restitution system?

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Criminals and the individuals who fail to stop them must be held accountable for the harm suffered by victims.

— Brian Kent, Esq.
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CrimeVictim.Attorney is sponsored by a national alliance of plaintiffs’ attorneys dedicated to promoting the rights of victims outside the criminal justice system. Our lawyers fight every day for people and families who have been harmed by crime, representing their interests in civil lawsuits against both criminal offenders and negligent third-parties. The team is led by the attorneys at Banville Law, a plaintiffs’ law firm based in New York.

Hurt By Crime? Recovery Is Possible.

After being injured and traumatized by a criminal offender, many victims find themselves abandoned by the traditional justice system, left with little guidance in navigating the complex – and often demoralizing – world of detectives, prosecutors, and judges.

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The crime victims’ rights movement, which began to gain support in the 1970s, has made things better. Victims of federal crimes now have legally-enumerated rights, thanks to the Justice For All Act of 2004. Most state legislatures have followed suit, passing their own laws to enshrine the rights of crime victims and setting up compensation funds to reimburse victims for their out-of-pocket losses. At the same time, the criminal justice system is working to integrate victims more fully into the process, allowing survivors of crime to air their experiences during sentencing hearings.

Criminal Justice System Leaves Survivors Behind

Many victims need more support. The effects of crime last long after an offender is convicted, to say nothing of the numerous criminal acts that go un-investigated or un-prosecuted every year. Survivors and their families often struggle to overcome their physical injuries, caught in a medical system that can seem just as callous as the criminal justice system.

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Beyond physical harms, many victims grapple with significant emotional trauma, confronting deep psychological wounds as they battle feelings of anger, disbelief, and shock. To recover fully, victims need adequate support; without assistance, the trauma of being victimized is almost certain to last indefinitely.

Financial Remedies In The Criminal Justice System

Our experienced attorneys believe that victims should be fully compensated for the harm caused by a criminal. Mechanisms established by the criminal justice system, like court-ordered restitution and crime victim compensation funds, don’t do that.

Through these avenues, victims and families can only recover a fraction 0f their true losses. Neither remedy offers compensation for pain and suffering, the acute personal experiences that many victims will spend years struggling to accept. More directly, compensation funds operated by state governments place strict limits on the amount of money survivors can receive.

Civil Justice: Why Crime Victims, Families Should Consider A Lawsuit

Civil lawsuits present none of these deficiencies. In a successful lawsuit, plaintiffs can secure compensation to cover a comprehensive range of damages, from medical expenses and lost wages to pain and suffering. No bureaucratic governmental agency can limit the amount of compensation awarded to victims and their families.

Perhaps even more importantly, the majority of crimes go unsolved. According to a 2017 report from the Pew Research Center, only 46% of violent crimes reported to the police are ultimately “cleared” – a suspect is arrested, charged and referred to prosecutors for criminal proceedings.

As we all know, only around half of the estimated violent crimes in this country are reported to law enforcement in the first place. For all of the other victims, court-ordered restitution is out of the question. As an element of sentencing, restitution requires a conviction. That’s not the case with crime victim compensation funds, but strict reporting and participation requirements usually apply.

Our Experienced Civil Crime Attorneys Can Help

The civil justice system provides another option. In fact, civil lawsuits represent an additional option. Many victims and families have the right to secure compensation from a crime victims’ fund, through court-ordered restitution and in a civil claim.

The national alliance of civil attorneys behind CrimeVictim.law is here to help. Collectively, our lawyers have guided hundreds of survivors and families through the legal process, putting an emphasis on compassion and dignity, while fighting aggressively to secure the maximum compensation available under law.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win Compensation

We understand that you and your family may already be burdened by significant challenges, including financial pressures. That’s why every attorney in our national coalition offers their services on a contingency-fee basis – you pay us nothing until we secure compensation in your case. If we don’t secure compensation, you won’t pay us anything. Our attorneys take on the financial risks of litigation for every client, so they can focus on recovering.

Learning more about your legal options also comes at no charge. To speak with an experienced attorney today, just call or complete our online contact form for a free consultation. Thousands of crime victims in the United States have the right to file a civil lawsuit, but most don’t know it. Other survivors learn about their rights too late, losing the opportunity to pursue compensation due to their state’s statute of limitations. Don’t wait; time may be limited. Get the answers you deserve now.

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