Were you or a loved one injured in a DUI accident in Connecticut? Our experienced attorneys can help. Connecticut's strong dram shop laws may allow you to file suit against the bar, restaurant or nightclub.

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Accidents and alcohol go hand-in-hand. Yet despite Connecticut's strong alcohol control laws, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and liquor stores continue to serve alcohol in a negligent manner, creating conditions for a fatal crash on the roads or a serious bar fight. Some licensed establishments may be able to be held accountable for their negligence.

Connecticut's Dram Shop Laws & Liquor Liability

Under Connecticut's dram shop law, injured victims who were harmed in a drunk driving accident, bar fight or other alcohol-related incident may be able to file suit, not only against the person who directly caused the accident, but also against the establishment where the drunken person consumed alcohol.

Inside Of Bar

Connecticut's dram shop law says it's illegal to serve someone who is already intoxicated. Bartenders and servers in Connecticut should be adequately trained to notice the visible signs of intoxication and cut patrons off when they have had enough.

That doesn't always happen. When a bar, restaurant or nightclub over-serves a customer, they could become liable for any injuries the intoxicated person goes on to cause, including DUI accidents.

Minors & Social Hosts

Unlike most states, Connecticut's dram shop regulations don't say anything about serving minors alcohol. In most states, bar owners become liable for any injuries caused by serving an underage person, but Connecticut doesn't mention this scenario in its law.

Nor does Connecticut's dram shop law speak explicitly about social hosts. The State's Supreme Court, however, has said that social hosts may be held liable for civil damages if they serve a minor alcohol and the intoxicated minor goes on to cause an accident.

Connecticut Dram Shop Time Limits

Like all types of lawsuit, Connecticut dram shop lawsuits are governed by a strict time limit. In fact, Connecticut has 2 time limits for dram shop claims.

The first to be aware of is the statute of limitations, which provides victims and their loved ones a total of 1 year from the date of the accident to file suit. But even before that, victims must provide the person or business they are suing notice of the lawsuit within 120 days of its filing.

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